She’s amazing and very knowledgeable. She knows her business and also knows how to help you with yours! She drops gems daily that helps me in rebranding my business JewelZ Desserts. Plus she’s funny down to earth and has a great fashionista vibe!

-JaLisa A.

First off, let me start off by saying if there were a 10-star review setting then I would definitely choose all 10 because she is definitely more than the standard 5!

T. Marie is punctual, informative, understanding, and truly there to help you succeed in growing your business. When I got there, she was already there and had her business card ready, had already researched our business, had a marketing plan established, pointed out areas of improvement that were very much needed, and provided informative tips on revamping our brand. I LITERALLY WROTE 4 PAGES OF NOTES!! IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD!!!! And she had the plan typed and ready to send to our email. Tee has truly outdone herself and soared in our meeting, she did so well that I want to use her as much as possible! If you haven't done so already, schedule an appointment and support her immediately. She is truly a gem and I'm very thankful to have had my first appointment of many with her.

-Adriana S.

We had a consultation for my catering business. Great results cant wait to sit down again.

-Latoya Cook-B.

Echilann Images, LLC learned so much from the consultation that we had with Tiandra! She gave us a lot of great ideas to build our brand and business! We will definitely use her services again and will refer her to other business owners who can use her services!

-Michelle Locke-M.