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Consultations (30 minutes) - Clients will receive a comprehensive marketing strategy plan meticulously crafted to suit their specific needs. We will provide a detailed roadmap, along with recommended ideas and actionable suggestions, empowering clients to seamlessly implement effective marketing practices.  Prices start at $250

Pick My Brain Session (20 minutes) - *PMB sessions are not consultations*, Please note that PMB differs from consultations as they offer a broad overview of the client's business. During these sessions, we provide valuable feedback and confirmation on the client's current marketing and PR strategies, offering insightful suggestions as needed to enhance their overall approach *Short outline will be provided. Prices start at $100

Content Strategy sessions for social media (30 minutes) - During our content strategy session, clients will receive a comprehensive outline tailored for their presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We conduct a thorough audit of their business pages, providing valuable insights. Subsequently, clients are equipped with a strategic plan encompassing details such as optimal posting days and times, target demographics, and other essential elements to empower them in implementing an effective social media strategy. Prices start at $250

*NEW SERVICE*: Customer Service Consultation: (60 minutes)- In our newly introduced service, clients and consultants engage in a comprehensive exploration of delivering exceptional customer service. This collaborative session delves deeply into strategies for providing top-notch customer experiences, equipping participants with effective techniques to navigate interactions with various customer types. Join us as we elevate your customer service game to new heights through personalized insights and proven approaches. As a part of this service, clients will receive a detailed and actionable customer service strategy, empowering them to implement effective practices that elevate their service standards. Join us in enhancing your customer service excellence today! Prices start at $200

Event Marketing

We will be able to assist with bringing a brand experience  to your event by coordinating the logistics for:

  • Fashion Shows

  • Talent Showcases

  •  Grand Openings

  • Product Launches

  • Red Carpet Events

  • Workshops & Conferences

  • Pop-up shops

*Event Marketing is a strategy to promote your event through proper planning

Prices start at $500


Also now offering: Speaking and hosting opportunities for your business and social events

Brand Development & Creative​​
Brand developing process- (Mission & Vision statements, taglines) Prices start at $100
Event/Business conceptualization- We will help you get those ideas out of your head and into motion! Prices start at $100
Market Me Mondays - 30-60 second video promos for your business or event and will be shared on our business social media platforms. Prices start at $100 and go up for multiple platforms
A La Carte (No consultations)
Marketing Strategy Outline (Start $200) Marketing Campaign/Product Launch Outline (Start at $200) Branding Strategy Outline (Start at $200) Professional Bio (Start at $100) Customer Service Strategy Outline (Start at $200) Social Media Strategy Outline (Start at $200)

*All prices are subject to change, some services may be limited due to the amount of time required

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