Consultations (30 minutes) - During consultations, the client will be provided with a detailed marketing strategy plan with recommended ideas and suggestions for them to implement. Prices start at $60

Pick My Brain Session (20 minutes) - *PMB sessions are not consultations*, PMB will be a general insight into the client's business, in this session, feedback and confirmation on what clients are currently doing from a marketing & PR standpoint are provided and some suggestions as needed. Prices start at $25

Content Strategy sessions for social media (30 minutes) - In the content strategy session, clients will get a detailed outline for the social media platforms for FB & IG, an audit of their biz pages will be conducted, and from there, a strategic plan will be given to the client for them to implement. Things discussed will be insights, best days and times to post, demographics, and more. Prices start at $75

*NEW SERVICE*: Customer Service Consultation: (30 minutes)- During this newly added service, the client and consultant will discuss an in-depth approach to providing top-notch customer service and learn techniques to deal with different types of customers. Prices start at $50

Event Marketing

We will be able to assist with bringing a brand experience  to your event by coordinating the logistics for:

  • Fashion Shows

  • Talent Showcases

  •  Grand Openings

  • Product Launches

  • Red Carpet Events

  • Workshops & Conferences

  • Pop-up shops

*Event Marketing is a strategy to promote your event through proper planning

Prices start at $250​


Also now offering: Speaking and hosting opportunities for your business and social events

Brand Development & Creative​​

Brand developing process- (Mission & Vision statements, taglines) Prices start at $50

Event/Business conceptualization- We will help you get those ideas out of your head and into motion! Prices start at $50

Market Me Mondays- One-minute video promos for your business and will be shared on our business social media platforms. Prices start at $25

*All prices are subject to change, some services may be limited due to the amount of time required