What is 502 Black Business Week?

502 BBW Logo.png

Is a marketing concept created by Tiandra Robinson in 2018, to promote & highlight some of Louisville's best black-owned businesses.


The week is held during Juneteenth, which is the official end of Slavery in the United States, and was created to encourage patronage of the featured businesses.


During this week the 502 businesses offer great deals, promotions, and discounts to increase revenue and traffic.


The goal of 502 Black Business Week is to include as many BOBs as possible and increase exposure for them.

502 Black Business Week has been covered by various media outlets and in its 4th year featured over 100 businesses!

It helped kick off its "little sister" 502 Black Eats Week in 2020, which follows the same format but promotes black-owned food-related businesses.

For more info go to www.502blackbusinessweek.com